Safety Planning Tips

Stalking and Safety Planning

The following information is suggestions of ways to plan for safety. 

Do what works for you, as you know the situation better than anyone.

  • Program 911 into your phone.
  • Let your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and security know about the situation.
    • Give them photos of the stalker/harasser, as well as identifying information about their car, license plate, etc.
    • At work have your calls screened and be notify if they see evidence that the person has come near your home or work.
    • Obtain a protection order and distribute copies to local law enforcement.
      • For more information contact 303-492-8855
      • Keep a detailed log of all contacts or suspected contacts, including saving any e-mails, written notes, telephone calls, texts or other messages.
        • Save and document everything.
        • Take extra safety measures to protect your personal information.
        • Any written or telephone threats should be taken seriously.  Notify the proper authority.
        • Be alert of any unusual packages, boxes or devices found on your premises.
        • Keep friends and family informed of your whereabouts.  Use your support network.
        • Vary your routine periodically, as well as the routes you take.  Again use your support systems.
        • Change phone numbers, passwords and PINs.
          • Document all changes made as a result of the stalking.
          • Trust your instincts.

If you have not told the stalker/harasser to stop, here are some samples of a no-contact statement*:

  • I am not interested in having a relationship with you.  Do not continue to call, stop by, or have any contact with me whatsoever.
  • I want you to stop contacting me.  If you continue to contact me, follow me, be on my property, or call or message me in any way, I will call the police.
  • I am ending our relationship.  Do not make any attempt to try and renew it.  I will not change my mind.  I do not wish to have any contact with you now or in the future.  If you try to contact me, I will take legal action against you.
  • I will no longer tolerate this unwanted contact and harassment.  If you try to contact me again in any shape or form, I will call the police.

*Once this is communicated either by email or messaging, do not have any more contact with the harasser/stalker.  If they continue to contact you, DO NOT respond but DO keep a log of the contact and get law enforcement involved.  Victim Assistance can help with this process or answer any questions you may have.

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Stalking Safety Planning

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