Responding to Orlando

The Office of Victim Assistance is sending support to all impacted by the Orlando shooting. OVA is here to be a support and resource.  This is a time to support one another, take active steps in self care and coping, and be with and support community. To learn more about experiencing individual and community impact from acts of hate and bias I invite you to read the OVA Bias Motivated Incident Brochure. We are here for you.

 Below is a message from the CU Boulder Gender and Sexuality Center:

We will all be processing what happened in Orlando over the next weeks and months to come. It's important for us to keep in mind and call upon the strengths we have built as a community. We, as a community, have always come together to face the ugly forms of discrimination, harassment, and violence visited upon people in our community. This event will bring us together and make us stronger through the love and support we give each other.

Whatever you are feeling about this event is okay to feel. Everyone will experience all sorts of emotions about this tragedy and all of those emotions are the correct ones to feel. Reach out to loved ones, to acquaintances, to co-workers and express what you are feeling- even if you aren't feeling anything.

Active coping is better than doing nothing. Attend the upcoming Gay Pride this weekend in Denver, volunteer with an organization, think of ten good things about being queer, learn about our movement and all the progress we have made.

Remember that you have allies. We are not alone in this fight, we have changed the world through our equal rights campaigns and we will continue to change the world as we all move forward from this tragedy.

Feel free to step away from constantly reading about the Orlando events. There comes a point when we need to step back and check in with ourselves, responding in our own ways, and start taking care of ourselves.

We love you all and if you want to stop by and chat, share what you are feeling or just be in a safe space.

With love- the GSC