April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Sexual assault and sexual violence impacts all college campuses.  About 1 in 4 females, 1 in 6 males, and 1 in 2 transgender people experience some form of sexual violence in their life time.  This April there are a number of campus and community events going on bringing awareness to this important issue. The Gender Justice League, a student group out of Women and Gender Studies, is hosting Denim Days the week of April 15-19, 2013.  Denim Days originates from a 1999 Italy court case in which the National High Court overturned a rape case because the victim was wearing jeans. It was thought that jeans would have been too tight to pull off without the woman’s consent. The ruling sparked a nationwide protest where anti-rape activists wore jeans.  OVA, Office of Victim Assistance, will be collaborating with the Gender Justice league on a few of their events:

  • How to Help Friends who have Experienced Gender Violence WED April 17, 3013 4:00-5:00pm Gates Woodruff Cottage
  • What is gender violence, anyways? THU April 18 4:00-5:00pm Gates Woodruff Cottage
  • Healthy Relationship Check-up FRI April 19 11:00-1:00pm UMC Gallery
  • For more information and other events this week visit: http://wgst.colorado.edu/denim-days-2013

OVA will also be partnering with MESA, Moving to End Sexual Assault, Boulder County’s Rape Crisis Center, by co-hosting a showing ofThe Bro Code on April 24th, CHEM 140, 6:15pm.  This event is free and open to the public.  After the film there will be a discussion lead by the film’s creator, Dr. Thomas Keith, who is a professor at California State University and California Polytechnic University.  Dr. Keith teaches philosophy and specializes in American philosophy and pragmatism with an emphasis on issues of race, class, and gender.

  • MESA also has many other exciting events planned throughout April.  Check out the full listing here: http://conta.cc/10IS3Sz

OVA is a place of support for you if you or someone you care about has recently or in the past been impacted by sexual violence.  OVA offers free and confidential counseling, support, and advocacy.  For more information please call 303-492-8855 or visit our website.  This link is specifically focused on sexual assault: http://cuvictimassistance.com/issues/sexual-assault/