An open letter to CU and the Boulder community

The Office of Victim Assistance is re-posting a letter CU's Center for Multicultural Affairs Department sent out to our community yesterday.

An open letter to CU and the Boulder community:

In the past few months we, at the Center for Multicultural Affairs, have witnessed several situations unfold and have been concerned about the local reports this spring of false allegations involving men of color as the perpetrators and most notably, around the recent Trayvon Martin tragedy in Florida.

As a community, we stand against these incidences that have profiled people of color and targeted men, in particular, as scapegoats in these unjust situations.  Irrefutably, we recognize that one’s overall sense of personal safety becomes compromised and the value of community violated by those individuals who allow ignorance and fear to ignite their unjust actions.  The tenets of freedom, justice, access and equity are deeply imbedded in our society and when these are violated, everyone is impacted.

As a department, we stand for every student’s undeniable right to fully express their identity and be safe and respected in their community.  Our individual right to participate and experience life at CU, to the highest degree, is key to being successful here and must not be denied to anyone.

We invite everyone to take a stand with us by making a personal investment to deeply examine our own hidden attitudes and biases and to look at ways to reduce fear and ignorance in our daily interactions with each other. We also encourage everyone to take a critical look at how we, individually, participate in our community and to recognize what role and responsibility we each have to enact change.

CMA is committed to aiding every student in their process, especially those who have been affected by these recent incidences.  Whether you, or someone close to you, have been impacted by these recent events, or you are simply looking at ways to engage in discussions on race and ethnicity and further your diversity awareness skills, we would like to offer our services and support in helping all students, faculty and staff build a more inclusive campus.  Additionally, CMA can also help connect you to other departments and resources on campus that can also be of support and advocacy to you.  We encourage you to visit us at any time!

To further the discussion of a very important topic, we invite you to two upcoming events.  The first is a panel and discussion hosted by several CU students this Wednesday, April 4, 2012 at 5:00p.m. at Hellems 201 entitled, Hoodie to Hijab: The Reality of Hate Crimes.   The second event is being hosted by CU’s Freshmen Council called A Day Without Hate on April 27, 2012 from 11:00a.m. to 4:00p.m. at Norlin Quad where a number of booths and resources will be available for everyone to learn more about anti-discrimination, non-violence and ally-ship.

In moving forward, there are a number of helpful resources that are available for furthering dialogues on race, finding opportunities for growth, and expanding skills and competencies.  We hope that, through shared knowledge, responsibility and commitment, we each can contribute to building a stronger and more vibrant community that is respectful of individual differences, experiences and viewpoints.

Center for Multicultural Affairs

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