Earthquake in Haiti

The Office of Victim Assistance (OVA), The Center for Multicultural Affairs (CMA), Psychological Health and Psychiatry (PHP), and Faculty StaffAssistance Program (FSAP) will be offering three professionally facilitated “Haitian Earthquake After Shock Discussions” this week. These discussions will be a time for any students, staff and or faculty to create a community to talk about the earthquake, receive support, learn skills to prevent and decrease any secondary impact and learn about resources.  For questions please reference OVA, 303-492-8855 and -OVA will offer a session Wednesday January 20 at 12pm in Willard 231. -FSAP will offer a session on Thursday January 21 at 10am on East Campus, ARC 3100 Marine St. room 354. -CMA and PHP will offer one on Friday January 22 at 9am in CMA, Willard 118.

As the true extent of the destruction and loss of life in Haiti is revealed, our hearts go out particularly to the people at CU who have friends or family members in Haiti.  For those trying to get news of their loved ones back home, the State Department has established a hotline, 1-800-407-4747.

The Division of Student Affairs and the Office of Victim Assistance are sending an E-Memo to CU community members informing those who may be impacted of campus resources.  These include the Office of Victim Assistance at 303-492-8855, Counseling and Psychological Services at 303-492-6766, and Psychological Health and Psychiatry in Wardenburg at 303-492-5654.